Amsterdam Caters to Everybody!

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy” – Anne Frank When a lot of people think of Amsterdam they picture the sin city of Europe. A place to go wild, get high, and maybe engage in some legal prostitution. They picture hipsters hanging around in the coffee shops all day and getting drunk in the clubs all night. Amsterdam is … Continue reading Amsterdam Caters to Everybody!

München, Deutschland

Munich is the capitol city of the Bavarian state in Germany. It is the third largest city in Germany, and unlike Berlin it was not as horrendously bombed during the war, so a lot of the historical sites are still standing. Munich is home to the BMW factory and and the world famous Hofbräuhaus. It holds the Oktoberfest festival annually and provides great beer for tourists … Continue reading München, Deutschland

Why Bratislava?

“So how was Czechoslovakia?” “Where did you go again?”, “Czechoslovakia, or somewhere right?” These were just a few questions I had to answer with people who are a little geographically challenged in my life. Trying not to roll my eyes I responded, ” I went to Prague, Czech Republic. I also visited Bratislava, Slovakia. They have been two independent countries for over TWENTY years.” (Big … Continue reading Why Bratislava?

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The Grand Budapest… Experience

After about a three hour bus ride from Vienna, Austria we arrived in Budapest, Hungary (pronounced Boo-da-PESHT). Vienna, Budapest, and Prague are three very popular destinations backpackers visit during the same trip because they are all within a few hours of each other. As much as Vienna was interesting it just did not really give me that “oh my god” moment for some reason. Visiting … Continue reading The Grand Budapest… Experience

Renaissance in Cesky Krumlov

Welcome back! I hope my last post was useful for my young, ambitious travelers. As I mentioned before, I took my leap into traveling through studying abroad. This method allowed me to have my independence with all the resources and the security of the program. If you are a little nervous about going overseas then do so by studying abroad. If you have done your … Continue reading Renaissance in Cesky Krumlov