Renaissance in Cesky Krumlov

Welcome back!


I hope my last post was useful for my young, ambitious travelers. As I mentioned before, I took my leap into traveling through studying abroad. This method allowed me to have my independence with all the resources and the security of the program. If you are a little nervous about going overseas then do so by studying abroad. If you have done your homework and are finally planning a trip solo or with a group then here is a story about one of my favorite underrated cities in central Europe.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be attracted to places that are a little less popular. If you are a young backpacker or student that plans on being in the Prague, Czech Republic area then you must visit Cesky Krumlov. According to the Huffington Post’s 20 Stunning European Cities to Visit in your 20’s, “Cesky Krumlov is the greatest place you’ve never heard about.”

Just a 3.5-hour bus trip from Prague and you are in this enchanting city!


I arrived in Cesky Krumlov in late June while they were having their annual Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations, which is their Renaissance festival! When my group arrived by bus I noticed that a sort of horseshoe of the Vltava River surrounded the entire city. In order to get to the center of downtown you needed a wristband. After getting through the gates I felt like I went through a time machine back to medieval times. It was amazing!

While I was walking along the cobble stone streets, medieval characters and chariots surrounded me. There was live music playing and everyone was really enjoying his or her time. I was pleasantly surprised to not see any Starbucks or McDonald’s that would have killed the vibe too. This city is well preserved and extremely clean and safe.



After walking around and observing all the characters my nose was leading me to the main square where all the food stands were: Pork knuckle’s shish-kabobs, crepes and even some fresh picked cherries from a nice old lady. I chose to get the most traditional food that all the locals were eating along with a nice cold mug of famous Czech beer.


After engaging in all the festivities I noticed this long line for a homemade crepe then my mouth started watering and I had to have one. It smelt AMAZINGGGGG!


It was well worth the wait! I went back for a second one later that evening… don’t judge!


The city looked even more beautiful as the sun went down. The fair was ended with a colorful fireworks show and perfect weather. Thank you Cesky Krumlov!

The next morning my group chartered off to next city of Vienna, Austria. For my next post I will be discussing my time there and provide you with information on hotels, restaurants and things to do.

I hope this post did Cesky Krumlov justice because it really is an awesome city to visit.

Here are a couple links to assist you in planning a trip to Cesky Krumlov.


I stayed at Hotel Vltava which is similiar to a lot of the youth hostels in Europe. It is very affordable, clean, and safe.


The New Student Agency Bus Line gives information on routes from Prague to Cesky Krumlov along with rates.



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