My Travel Fetish

First, I would like to begin by introducing the moment that made me fall in love with exploring the world. If you haven’t already figured it out, I am addicted to traveling. Stability, getting married, having a family, yada yada yada just does not do it for me. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that lifestyle, it is just not for me… at least for now. Everything I do depends on if it gets me closer to my next goal or destination in desperate need of my “fix”. I have a sense of euphoria when I can just meander around a city without an agenda. It is usually the only time I am able to really live in the moment. The first time I felt that “butterflies in your stomach” thing was the first evening I walked the streets of Prague. It wasn’t even in the beautiful old town where all the tourists go. It was just a normal Czech neighborhood, but it was completely different from what I have ever seen before.

My street in Prague -Rehorova Praha 2
My street in Prague -Rehorova Praha 2

The medieval architecture, the bohemian lifestyle, the pubs, the cobblestone streets, the beer, the beer, the beer. Whoops, did I forget to mention that the pivo (beer) here is cheap and delicious, my favorite combination! Can you blame me for wanting to experience more of this? My passion does not end with Prague. I had a similar relationship with Budapest and Amsterdam, and I know I will have a strong connection with many more cities and countries. Right now I am just patiently waiting for my knight in shining armor a.k.a. Delta Airlines to sweep me off my feet and introduce me to a new destination I will surely fall in love with.

Sounds interesting? Are you a little curious about traveling too? Check in next week for my next post discussing different options for YOU. Everybody has different responsibilities and life situations. It may seem like studying abroad or traveling on your own is way out of the question, but if you make it a priority it can very well be accomplished with a little extra work. I will be discussing traveling options such as: studying abroad, volunteering abroad, solo- travel, and frugal travel. Also, I will discuss a little bit of what it was like before I took my big trip. The big question “What do I bring, what do I leave?” will be discussed and hot to deal with that anxiety of worrying about language barriers, friend making, safeness, and many more. I want to discuss every possibility for people of all different walks of life. I am looking forward to discussing this next week and please do not hesitate to comment or leave a question for me.

Talk to soon!



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